One out of eighteen used cars in the Netherlands has a deliberately turned back odometer. Foundation Nationale Auto Pas (NAP) fights and prevents odometer frauds and verifies the mileage before you buy a used car. If you buy a used car, you need reliable information. Since 1991 NAP collects the mileage of nearly all motor vehicles in the Netherlands. So almost every car, van, truck and motorcycle has mileage history in their database. NAP collects mileage from following sources:

  • MOT tests
  • servicing
  • Dutch Department of Road Transport (RDW)
  • car importers
  • leasing companies

hint NOTE: NAP Mileage Check is a FREE addition to the VWE Report and can not be ordered separately. If VWE Report is available for the checked VIN, after purchase you will receive NAP Mileage Check for FREE.

Report's sections

Each result of NAP Mileage Check is composed of the following sections:


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1. Vehicle identification

This section contains a set of information about the checked vehicle. Apart from the date of check you can find here make, logo, model, version and production year.


2. Result of check

This section provides the result of mileage check in the NAP database. The result can take one of three forms:

  • mileage is logical (green): against the data in NAP database the mileage is sound and reliable
  • mileage is illogical (red): entered mileage does not match the readings form NAP database, possible due to odometer fraud
  • no data (orange): there is too little information available in NAP database for a reliable assessment


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